How I lost over seven stone with Slimming World

Sarah-Jane Kenny, 25, joined Slimming World in January 2013 and went from a size 22 to a size 12, dropping over 7 stone…now she couldn’t be happier!

Sarah-Jane originally joined Slimming World after unsuccessfully trying for 18 months to conceive a baby. Her doctor suggested she should lose weight as her health was also being affected by her weight; she was suffering from consistent back pain and shortness of breath.

  Sarah-Jane explains that she became very depressed the year before she joined Slimming World and found it hard to get dressed in the mornings.

  “My confidence was really low. I wouldn’t go shopping with friends or out socialising. I struggled to find stylish clothes in my size. I could no longer even shop in Penney’s. I was really paranoid about my weight and I didn’t like to leave the house.”

  When Sarah-Jane joined Slimming World she lost an incredible 6 stone and 4 pounds in nine months and became pregnant! She said she didn’t expect to lose weight and become pregnant so quickly, as she had been trying for so long.

  “I never imagined that I would lose 6 stone in nine months, I hoped to lose 3 stone in a year and that I would eventually, in two or three years, reach my target and be able to start my family.”

  While pregnant Sarah-Jane continued to attend her local Slimming World group in Boyle. She continued to stick to the plan and gained a healthy 2 and a half stone by the end of her pregnancy.

  She says “I continued going to Slimming World as I knew it was safe to do so. Slimming World have a plan for pregnant women and mothers who are breast-feeding. At the time I was helping out on the social team in the group, and even though I did have a lot of gains I enjoyed celebrating with others on their successes and their journeys.”

  Slimming World has worked in partnership with the Royal College of Midwives to develop a programme to support women before, during and after pregnancy, where they have the support of their midwife.

  Sarah-Jane says: “I’d learned so much about healthy eating at Slimming World and it had become a real way of life so I didn’t want to go back to eating the way I was before, and I knew that my new healthy habits would be better for me and my baby too. Having said that I wasn’t strict on myself, I did have cravings, but the principles of everything I’d learned at Slimming World were still in the back of my mind – like cutting the rind off bacon rashers and removing the skin from cooked chicken.”

  Sarah-Jane gave birth to a healthy 8lb 10oz baby boy in June 2014 and like all new mums found it hard to get into routine for the first couple of weeks. She was determined to keep going to group and continue on with her new healthy eating habits that have changed her life. Sarah-Jane got back to her pre-pregnancy weight just three months after her son was born.

  “After giving birth, I found it hard to get into a routine and I did struggle – I suppose it’s true of all new mums. Now that my son is a bit older I have set times and an easier routine and I’m confident I’ll get back to where I want to be.”

  Sarah-Jane moved house after splitting up with her partner, and at the time found it hard to get to group with the baby. So in March 2015 she took a break from Slimming World and came back again the September 2015.

  “After I took time away from Slimming World I was scared to join again. I thought I would have been judged for putting some weight back on but all the members and my consultant were delighted to see me again and made me feel so welcome.” She hasn’t looked back since, and, even though her weight loss has been slower, she’s happy.

  Her self-esteem has rocketed sky-high since her weight loss. She has only 10 lbs to go until she hits her target. She said: “I feel amazing. In the past when my friends were taking photos I would hide and hated seeing pictures of myself. Now every time someone mentions a camera I grab my high heels and get ready to jump in!

  “It’s easier now to go and stay to group as my consultant Mary has a children’s area in group where my son can play while Image Therapy is going on. I lost all that weight and I no longer want to be house-bound. I’m now out enjoying life like others my age, not worrying about weight and what other people think.

  “I’ve received so many messages from people saying that I’ve inspired them to join and I love that. It’s great to see that what I have achieved has helped someone else.”


* Slimming World Boyle runs at 5.30 pm and 7.30 pm on Thursdays in St Joseph’s Boys School, Abbeytown, Boyle. For more information contact Mary on 087-2376348 or see ‘Mary’s Slimming World Boyle’ on Facebook.