How did ‘First Date’ go for James?



Roscommon man features tonight



Roscommon man James Kilmartin will appear on RTÉ’s First Dates tonight (31st) at 9.30 pm on RTÉ 2. The 34-year-old, who originally hails from Kilteevan but is now living and working in Galway, said he enjoyed the experience.

  “It was filmed last August and before you get chosen to go on the show there are pre-interviews with the COCO TV producers who ask you what you’re looking for and how you’ve been dating up to now.

  “I signed up because I’d done all the ‘meeting people through friends’ and dating app thing and just felt that it had become a bit of a ‘hook-up’ culture. I saw an ad online and I thought ‘why not?’ and I said I’d give it a go because I’ve tried everything else!” (Laughs).

  James played his cards close to his chest when asked how the date went but said it was an enjoyable evening.

  “I don’t want to give too much away but he was a nice guy and we got on like a house on fire. I did enjoy it, COCO TV are unbelievable and the food was good too!

  “I’d never actually eaten in the Gibson Hotel (where the series is filmed) so I was curious to see what that was like. I was very aware that it was being recorded when I first arrived but as soon as I sat down I forgot about it because you are so relaxed and the restaurant staff are second to none,” he said.

  So what did his family and friends think of his decision to go on national television in his quest for love?

  “Some people will be a bit surprised to see me popping up on TV but my family know. My sister was like ‘I can’t believe you did that!’ but my mother just laughed and said ‘Of course that’s something you’d do!”

  Viewers can tune in to RTÉ 2 from 9.30 pm tonight (Thursday) to see how James got on!