Hoping for a fine day…

It’s one of the most oft-repeated phrases one will hear at the launch of any respectable agricultural show and last Thursday in Hannon’s Hotel was certainly no different.

Those simple six words, ‘Let’s hope for a fine day’, usually uttered in desperate hope rather than any real conviction, were repeated by most speakers present for the official launch of the Roscommon Industrial and Agricultural Show.

Sadly, last year’s show was hit by a deluge of rain which started in the early morning and continued right into the afternoon. The weather can make or break these events in terms of enjoyment, but despite the horrendous conditions 12 months ago, reports were still very positive from both visitors and participants alike.

That being said, the past year has seen members of the local farming community forced to contend with a number of challenges, from rising fuel and input costs, the cost-of-living crisis, and, yes, even high levels of rainfall.

Surely then, those organising, participating in and visiting this Saturday’s Roscommon Show deserve a break from the weather Gods? So yes, let’s indeed hope for ‘a fine day’ this Saturday at Hannon’s Field, but maybe stick a Child of Prague out too just in case!