Hoax calls condemned

A spokesperson for The Lough Ree Sub Aqua Club has said that members are ‘annoyed and frustrated’ at an apparent hoax call which was made about the alleged disappearance of a boat on Lough Ree last Saturday.   Speaking to The Roscommon People on Wednesday the chairperson of Lough Ree Sub Aqua Club Mr. Thomas McGlynn said that a mayday call had been made on Saturday morning concerning a boat that was allegedly missing on Lough Ree.   Thomas McGlynn takes up the story: ‘The call was made on a special marine channel number 16 and it was a mayday call which is the most serious that you can make.    ‘It was picked up by the coastguard and relayed back to us. A helicopter was scrambled to the area by the coastguard from Belmullet and the Lough Ree Sub Aqua Club took to the water.’    Four members brought out a boat immediately and searched the lake for almost three hours.    ‘However we could find nothing’ Mr. McGlynn reported.    The spokesperson indicated that it was a clearly a hoax call that had been made. He said that it was disturbing that the call was made on a recognised marine channel.    ‘This call was made on a radio that is not easily accessible by members of the general public. It was made on a marine radio by someone who knew what they were doing which is disappointing’ he said.    Hoax calls are extremely rare in these circumstances according to Thomas McGlynn.      ‘It has never happened to us before thankfully. We certainly do not mind responding to genuine calls because that’s why we are here but it is a waste of resources and people’s time to have to respond to a hoax call’ he concluded.   The Lough Ree Sub Aqua Club have recently developed a new boathouse and store on the Shannon at Lanesboro where they keep their boats and all the equipment they need and when they respond to a call they can ‘fuel up’ and get all their equipment immediately and get on the water as quickly as possible.