Hitting dizzying heights of Florida’s rollercoasters – 6 stones lighter

Mary had been thinking of joining Slimming World for well over a year, passing her local venue every week but not having the courage to go in. Seeing her friend Joan lose 2 ½ stone, and Joan’s daughter lose 7 stone, really spurred her on to join.

  The minute Mary walked into the Carraroe Slimming World group in January 2015, the big warm smile from the lovely consultant Tracy put her at ease immediately.

  “Why hadn’t I done this sooner?” she thought, and she has never, ever looked back.

  That first night, being January, there were lots of new members. The existing members were so welcoming, reassuring them all that they had done the right thing.

  As Tracy explained the Slimming World plan, Mary thought “This can’t be right, there’s no way you can eat so much food and still lose weight”. Chicken curry, burgers and chips, Spaghetti Bolognese, stews, chilli con carne, all the lovely comfort foods. “We could even still have a takeaway, either by cooking it at home, or by making more informed choices when ordering in.” This meant Mary and her whole family could still enjoy their favourite meals. This didn’t sound like a diet at all!

  Mary has since gone on to lose 6 stone, she now feels so much better; in fact, she says she feels 20 years younger. She is sleeping better, she has more energy, she can run up the stairs without getting out of breath. The family’s dream holiday in Florida is booked and Mary cannot wait, knowing she can go on all the theme park rides. “Now I have so much more self-confidence than I ever had. People who haven’t seen me in a while are blown away by the transformation and often do a double-take when they meet me.

  “I feel that Slimming World works for me because I felt cared for by someone who is passionate about wanting to help me. I have never been put under pressure, it was okay to have a bad week, to have a weight gain. I was never humiliated, and this has been very important to me. I want to bring that same care and passion to the members in Boyle.

            Having been through my own journey means I know exactly what the members are going through. I am really looking forward to helping them and sharing in their success.”

  Mary opens her group on the 31st of March in St Joseph’s School, Boyle and she can be contacted on 087-2376348.