Heroic Pete rescues children

  A ‘keep your children safe’ warning has been issued this week after a Boyle-based man rescued a number of children from the River Shannon in separate incidents in the past number of days.   Pete Walsh was hailed as a ‘lifesaver’ after he saved four children – all aged under ten – from possible drowning at Lough Key Forest Park.   Pete, who owns the ‘Trinity’ pleasure cruiser, was on hand on each occasion to avert possible tragedy.   This week his wife Bernie told the Roscommon People that there are large numbers of small children playing in the vicinity of the water in recent weeks following the opening of new facilities at the Park. She explained that while the children are generally accompanied by adults there have been worrying incidents – and the children rescued by her husband were not wearing life jackets.   In the past number of days Pete came to the rescue of: A young boy and girl from a cruiser who fell into the water between their cruiser and the jetty A small boy who lost his footing at the harbour and fell into four feet of water A toddler who had strayed from its mother and fallen into the water.     Speaking to the Roscommon People Bernie Walsh said that the shoreline at Lough Key Forest Park is ‘patrolled’ by lifeguards, one of whom, a gentleman called Sean, also had to rescue a person recently.   She explained that there are large numbers of children, many under five years of age, playing in the vicinity of the water in the evenings after the lifeguard service has ceased.   ‘You’d often see 25 or so adults and at least twenty children