‘Heatwave conditions’ expected this week

Met Éireann predicts that some parts of Ireland will experience heatwave conditions this week due to temperatures reaching into the high twenties.

“Ongoing high pressure will keep our weather very settled for the rest of the week with dry conditions and a good deal of sunshine across the country. Temperatures will become very warm towards the weekend.” Met Éireann said

The added that the weather will be “Remaining hot and dry through the weekend with a good deal of sunshine. Maximum temperatures are expected to remain in the mid to high twenties across much of the country.”

Met Éireann are using the phrase  ‘heatwave conditions’  because temperatures are going to be above the ‘norm’ for five days or more. They are also advising people to look out for the elderly and the vulnerable later this week when temperatures begin to rise as there is a genuine risk of heat related stress.