Healy – No excuses and no delays on payments!

IFA President Joe Healy said with the severe income pressure across all sectors, all direct payments must be made on time and within deadlines set down in the Charter of Rights for Farmers. As the autumn payments begin, and with ANC starting in two weeks’ time, he warned that farmers will not tolerate any hold-ups this year.

  He said: “2016 is an extremely difficult year on farm income and IFA will not accept excuses or delays on the pay-out of more than €1.6bn across all the schemes.

  The harsh reality on almost all farms this year is that the direct payment is the only net income coming into the family household from farming.”

  The IFA President said the timelines set down in the Farmer Charter of Rights must be rigidly observed this year.  “ANC payments, which commence in the week beginning 19th September, must have a higher pay-out than last year.

  Up to 100,000 farmers benefit from ANC payments to the tune of €205m.”

  On the Basic Payment, Mr. Healy added: “The Department has confirmed to IFA that the 70% advance will commence on Monday, 17th of October. This will help alleviate the severe income difficulties on farms and provide vital cash flow for family living expenses and bills.

  “IFA expects the speed of payment this year to be much better than last year as the new CAP is now well bedded down.”

  Joe Healy said IFA insisted that inspection cases must not hold up payments.

  “With more than 38,000 farmers in GLAS, full year payments worth €167m must be paid out from October. IFA understands that payments will be made in two phases – 85%, followed shortly afterwards by the remaining 15%.”