Health, families catered for

The heart disease and stroke charity, CROÍ, will be well represented at the Ploughing Championships this Saturday. Lecarrow-based organiser Niall Kelly, detailed the events taking place on the day.

Croí will be there on the day. They’re going to do health checks, and if there are any issues, they will provide further checks. It’s free on the day, which is brilliant,” he said.

  Niall then went on to explain the good work the local committee carries out for CROÍ on a regular basis.

  He pointed out that quite a lot of fundraising had been done in Lecarrow for CROÍ over the years and the organisation is now “returning the favour.”

  Niall then detailed the wide range of events for younger visitors on Saturday.

  He explained that there will be free entertainment for children, including a bouncy castle, slide and obstacle course. 

  He continued by highlighting the hard work of the local committee and the necessity of volunteers.

  “My committee, friends and neighbours are not just Lecarrow-based, they’re from the parish and beyond. I know they will be all there on the day to help out, there is so much work needed to be done on the day. Anyone who would like to come on board and help…we will gratefully accept your time!”

  Niall concluded by predicting a very successful day in Lecarrow this Saturday. 

  “I believe it will be a major success. As a guy said here ‘without the land, you have nothing’. Without a sponsor you have nothing and we’ve been lucky to have a main sponsor who donated kindly and numerous other sponsors that we are grateful for.”