He loves me…he loves me not! Take our (just for fun) quiz!


Shakespeare said…‘the course of true love never did run smooth.’ Well let’s be honest, it doesn’t now, does it! And, for any Shakespeare snobs (like me) who’re reading this, you’ll know the quote is from Act 1, Scene 1, said by Lysander to Hermia, in the Bard’s fabulous comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 

  Therefore, if you want to find out if the course of your own true love is going to run smooth, or disastrously crash and burn, we suggest you take a look at our (just for fun) top ten guidelines, and decide for yourself if this Valentine’s Day will end in a happy and successful romance or a sad case of kick-in-the-gut rejection!

  First of all remember, he may be the shy type who’s not entirely comfortable dropping the L bomb fifty times a day, and, as actions speak louder than words, in order to know if he’s definitely your Mr Right, just ask yourself these following questions:


Does he send you a text each morning? Are you the first thing on his mind? He loves you.


Does he go out of his way and inconvenience himself just to make sure you’re happy and sorted? He loves you.


Does he make you his priority? He loves you.


Does he give you his undivided attention, so much so, everyone else around you is in no doubt you’re together? He loves you.


Is he okay with public displays of affection (PDAs) such as holding your hand, putting a protective arm around you, staying close to you to show he’s with you and unavailable to others? He loves you.


Does he check up on you several times a day? He’s a manipulative stalker…dump him! Only joking! When your partner wants to know if you got into work safely, how your day is going, how your work presentation went and how you’re feeling, etc., he loves you.


Does he keep you in the loop regarding his own plans? He loves you.


Does he value your opinion? He loves you.


Does he immediately ask you what’s wrong if you’re looking upset? He loves you.


Does he actually tune in and listen to what you’re saying? Really? No…really? Wow, he’s a keeper and…he loves you.

If you’ve answered yes to all of the above…it’s highly likely you’re in the right relationship, (although we are no experts), but we congratulate you because your future looks like it’s going to be full of happiness and romance, and you’re going to have an amazing Valentine’s Day…you lucky sod!