Hanly Motors in new location at Abbey Business Park

It’s official, Santa Claus has cut the ribbon, and Hanly Motors is open for business in their new location in Unit 1 of the Abbey Business Park on the Circular Road.

  I recently made my first visit to the new location and enjoyed that brand new car scent the moment I set foot in Hanly’s showroom.

  Awaiting me were the latest Focus and Fiesta models from Ford and my eyes were immediately drawn to the sleek blue Focus.

  There’s no doubt that both models have come on in leaps and bounds since I first learned to drive in a small, but sturdy 2000 Fiesta in the Phoenix Park. I have a feeling the protected herds of deer in Dublin would fear the latest Fiesta model slightly more!

  Hanly Motors owner, Declan Hanly, caught me drooling on his new cars and called over. “They’ve really come on, haven’t they?” before picking up the phone once again.

  Declan has been in business for himself for about six and a half years, having worked in the industry for eleven years before that.

  “I’m from about five miles out the Lanesboro Road so enjoy seeing customers in and around the town and I’m lucky to have such lovely regular customers year on year.”

  The phone rings again but Declan resists the urge to answer as he explains how busy his day is. “Well between the sales of new and used cars and commercials, servicing, crash repairs and tyres it does get busy but I’m one of those people who enjoys going to work!”

  Business is busy and so too will Christmas as Declan explains. “I’ve two kids, Charlie who’s six, and Callie who’s ten months and of course my wife, Roberta.”

  The phone goes again, as Declan explains how “steady” business is and that the Focus range has been the most popular seller of 2015. I could have guessed that the minute I stepped into the showroom though.

  “Diesel is definitely the way to go in terms of value and we’ve also seen a lot of commercial vehicles like the Ford Connect and Transit being sold this year too,” Declan added.

  The phone calls continued and Declan explained he had a few missed calls to get back to so I let him go. I stuck around for a while just to have another look at the new Focus.

  Declan, meanwhile, returned calls and I could overhear him discussing everything from servicing, NCTs, sales and just giving advice. Good thing he enjoys every aspect of his job!