Halloween….What Will you get up to?



We paid a visit to St. Comán’s Wood Primary School to find out what the 6th Class students were getting up to this Halloween…


Olivia Bliss


“I’m dressing up as a dead twin nerd with my friend Etaine. I bought a tutu, braces and a wig in Claire’s Accessories and slippers in Penneys.

  “We will go trick or treating around my estate with Etaine, Rosie, Lauren Walsh, Jade and Katie M. Then we will play games like apple bobbing in Etaine’s house!”


Zara Fallon


“I am dressing up as a biker with three of my friends. I will wear jeans, a shirt, a bandana and Adidas runners. I went shopping in Athlone with my friends a few weeks ago to buy my outfit. That was fun!

  “I will go trick or treating and I will go apple bobbing with my friends Jennifer, Eadaoin and Caoimhe. We are also going to have a sleepover.”


Sarah Purcell


“I am going to wear a Dalmatian ‘onesie’. My brother bought the costume for me in Penneys.

  “My friends and I will meet up and we will go trick or treating. Then we will play ‘Dunk the Apple’. We will watch a movie and eat plenty of sweets! Then we will have a sleepover – I can’t wait!”


Zawyal Khan Zareen


“I’m going to dress up as a clown. The costume will have black and white strips on it. Attached to the costume will be a fake knife with fake blood on it. I will wear black gloves and the shoes I am wearing will be big and floppy!

  “Before I go trick or treating, I will play a game on my PS4 with my friends. After I have collected treats from my neighbours, I will come home and play Blind Man’s Bluff.

  “Then, I will play a game with flour. I will put flour in a mound in a bowl and put a marshmallow on top. Then each of my family members will have a go at removing some of the flour from the mound. When the marshmallow falls, that person puts their face in the flour! I played this game before and it gets better each time I play it!”


Iga Berent



“I will dress up as a minion for Halloween. I will wear a minion ‘onesie’. I hope to dye my hair yellow but if I am not allowed, I will wear a minion headband. I will definitely wear big circular minion glasses and I will have a minion bag to collect sweets in. My younger brother is going to be a minion too. He is very excited!

  “I’m going to England for Halloween. That will be fun. I will play some games like bobbing for apples and hide and seek outside in the dark.

  “I will also go shopping to buy items to play a traditional Polish game. I will buy jelly and flour, put flour in one bowl and jelly in another. I will let the jelly set and then add the flour. This looks really spooky when this Halloween creation is made! You should try it!”


Emily Murray

“I am dressing up with my two best friends; thing one, thing two and thing three from Dr. Suess’ ‘Cat in the Hat’. Mum is making a tutu and my friend Lauren will buy the tops. My other friend Hollie is printing out the sign for the top.

  “I will then Trick or Treat with my friends. Then we will play games and watch a scary movie. We will have a sleepover. It’s going to be so much fun! We will stay up all night!”