Hair we go: a good week…now let’s click & collect locally

This, most people will surely agree, is a good week in our very traumatic shared journey. Day 4 (Thursday) – and everyone wants to be voted out of the house!


Hair care: Personally, I plan to wait until the rush is over, that’s if my patience (and vanity/pride) holds! The anecdotal reports locally suggest a hair-raising frenzy of calls are being made to barbers’ and hairdressers as people seek the new ‘Golden Ticket’…a hair appointment.

Congratulations to all Roscommon People readers who have thus far successfully secured appointments in hair salons and indeed with beauticians, etc. It’s all positive, although we are wondering if the traditional chit-chat in such places can possibly be reaching the standard of old!

After all, here’s just a handful of ‘Things you can usually say in the hairdressers/barbers which you can’t say just now’…1: Any holiday plans? 2: Were you on holidays yet this year/were you anywhere nice? 3: Off to a wedding, are you? 4: Are you going to the game? 5: Were you in Rockford’s at the weekend? 6: Were you out lately? (You get the picture)…

Return of inter-county travel: We feel like celebrating by taking a drive to Donegal or Kerry, or both. Well, maybe we’ll wait until the hotels are open! Still, weekend breaks and longer staycations aside, the freedom to now move between counties is a big boost in a practical sense, and psychologically too. For many people, it’s a pathway to connecting with loved ones again.

Meeting in the garden: The ‘Where are we at with the guidelines now?’ part of our lives can be hard to follow, but here in ‘Take a Break’ land, we gather that a maximum of three households can now meet outdoors in gardens. The good news is this is a development of great potential; the bad news is we need to get that garden sorted!

Religious services resume: This is great news…places of worship offer comfort, solace, hope, not to mention some social engagement. I’m sure all local churches are looking splendid and have all required precautions taken. One I’m familiar with over the past week or so is the church in Rooskey, which I popped into a couple of times while out walking. I was hugely impressed by the superb attention to detail in terms of being ‘Covid-conscious’. It really was most impressive…the cleanliness of the church, the provision of cleaning materials/information, etc. Rooskey Church radiated an air of welcome. It just struck me as a beautifully maintained building, a credit to the local priest and to those in the community who assist him.

(Some) businesses reopen: Trust me, bewildered business people are heroes of this most unwelcome of visitors, Callous Covid. According to Leo Varadkar, who knows these things, about 12,000 businesses reopened this week. I salute all of them. I hope they’re experiencing a good start. It will get better. Let’s make sure to support SMEs.

Which reminds me…in the week that also saw the return of ‘Click and collect’…let’s all do as much of our clicking and collecting locally as possible. Don’t worry about the multinationals, they’ll be grand. If ordering online from businesses abroad/those you don’t know, just do it sparingly/if there are no alternatives. Make every effort to click and collect with THE LOCALS. Support our own. Trust in local.

And remember, positive and all as this week is, it’s not over. But we are definitely getting there. It’s getting better, much better. Hey, we might even beat the Dubs!