HAC wants Minister, HSE at meeting

Seamus Duke The Hospital Action Committee have announced that they are arranging a public debate on the future of Roscommon County Hospital on Monday night, 14th July at 9 pm in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon.   The HAC say that they are inviting junior Minister and local Fianna Fail TD Michael Finneran and a senior manager from the HSE to debate the issues concerning the future of the hospital and its services with HAC members and doctors and consultants from Roscommon County Hospital.    Speaking to The Roscommon People after a HAC meeting on Tuesday night, HAC spokesperson Una Ni Chuinn said that the people of the county deserve to know what the latest situation with the hospital is.   ‘We are asking Minister Finneran and the HSE to come and debate the issues with the people and the consultants who have a different view. The public should be able to hear the up-to-date situation. We know that we are facing the most serious situation in over twenty years with regard to the future of services at the hospital and we want the public to know what is going on. They deserve to know’ she said.   ‘We are issuing invitations to the minister, the HSE and to other interested parties to take part on the night and we hope that those invitations will be taken up. We will have more details next week about that public debate.’