HAC want Finneran to deliver

Roscommon HAC this week called on Minister of State Michael Finneran TD to deliver on pre-election promises that Roscommon Hospital will not be downgraded. The action committee welcomed Roscommon’s No vote to the Lisbon Treaty and said it is further evidence that the people of Roscommon will not accept the downgrading of their hospital. ‘At a public meeting in May about the future of services at the hospital, a proposal was put to the floor that as a protest to the proposals of the Government to downgrade services at Roscommon Hospital, Roscommon would look for a No to Lisbon. And yet again the people of Roscommon have backed their hospital and sent another message to Government that we will not accept any downgrading.’ The statement went on to say, ‘the people of Roscommon have marched, have written letters, have held public meetings, have mustered support for a protest vote and yet the government insists on downgrading of services. We are not accepting it and we never will.’ The HAC added: ‘This comes at a crucial point in the future of services at Roscommon Hospital. Michael Finneran has been involved in a meeting at government level that is proposing the amalgamation of services with Portiuncula. The Health Service Executive is due to visit the hospital, yet the consultants do not know why as they believe the decision has been made.’