HAC backs Kelly

HAC backs Kelly     As exclusively revealed in last week’s Roscommon People, Roscommon Hospital Action Committee will be absent from a General Election ballot paper in Roscommon for the first time in twenty years.   On Tuesday the HAC confirmed it was backing the candidacy of Independent John Kelly in the forthcoming General Election.             The news represents a big boost to Cllr. Kelly, whose support in Mid-Roscommon is expected to increase significantly as a result. Cllr. Kelly is not a HAC candidate, but is an Independent candidate with the backing of the HAC.   At a press conference in the Abbey Hotel on Tuesday evening, Cllr. Kelly told the assembled press that his campaign has gained huge momentum in recent weeks and he believes that, with the support of the HAC in Roscommon, that can continue and he can win a seat in the forthcoming General Election.               Cllr. Kelly was asked if it would be hard to convince the electorate that Roscommon County Hospital is under threat. He replied that it wouldn’t, saying, ‘Everywhere I go, they believe that the hospital is under threat.’             Former HAC candidate Una Quinn said that the HAC had been asked why they didn’t have their own candidate. ‘The reality of the situation is that Roscommon has an independent vote and the independent vote has the wherewithal to elect an independent candidate, but not two independent candidates.             ‘The HAC feel that by rowing in behind John, there is a real threat that we will take a seat. The people that have voted HAC, they will look to continue that trend and tonight there will be many a political party shaking in their boots