G’wan the Rossies!

‘Molloy’s of Main Street’  And so, Roscommon town continues to change – dramatically.    Another milestone development this week, with the news that Molloy’s of Main Street has come on to the market.    Molloy’s have been trading in Main Street since 1922 and the family has made a huge contribution to the commercial life of the town.    Molloy’s well-known bakery in Abbeytown is not for sale and in that sense is unconnected to the coming on to the market of the Main Street premises.    It will be interesting to see what future lies in store for the premises now up for sale.  In the meantime, we wish every good wish to the Molloy family and indeed the staff in the Main Street premises who down through the years have been such a familiar and welcoming part of community life here.  Marooned, but not sunk! On Monday, the flags weren’t at half-mast in the towns and villages around County Roscommon.    We haven’t checked Paddy Joe’s garden yet but we doubt if the Roscommon colours have been lowered (mind you, as we go to press, the Man. Utd. colours are no doubt to the fore in Twomilebush).    Yes, it was a hammering scoreboard wise, a demoralising state-of-the-nation address for Roscommon football…but we couldn’t find anyone who was that down in the mouth about it all early this week.    Just as The Sunday Game and the national papers (not that we’re too worried) didn’t go on the warpath following Roscommon’s 16-point loss to Galway, there’s no major inquest underway on the part of fans.    It’s been a bruising few months, and most fans seem to have accepted that it will take time to re-build our fortunes. A sign then of the much-sought patience? Yes, perhaps. Roscommon tried their best on Sunday, and in truth did not deserve to lose by so much. It really was a game with a few ‘if onlys’ thrown in. Mind you, no complaints about the result (hardly!)…class and experience won the day.    Mike Ryan and Roscommon need time, and the manager’s promise that they will be ready for the qualifiers sounded convincing. This is a work in progress, a leap of faith in good young lads.    There’s only one things to say: G’wan the Rossies! Scored 11-9… but still lost!  What a result: Supervalu U-14 Football League result from last weekend (is this a record?)