G’wan the Rossies!

No stopping Ruth A question of some importance: Is Ruth Scott on the verge of world domination? The always good-humoured 2FM DJ with the best of Roscommon town and Elphin connections seems to have taken over the national airwaves. To which we say: more power to you Ruth!  (Oh) No, Minister!  Let us hope that Ireland’s new Minister for Housing Michael Finneran avoids making the type of gaffe that his British counterpart made this week. Bungling British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was landed in hot water when his Housing Minister Caroline Flint carelessly exposed a sheet of typed notes to photographers as she entered No. 10 Downing Street for a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday. ‘Prices are set to fall by 5pc – 10pc at best’ and ‘we can’t know how bad it will get’ are two of the notes that were captured by vigilant London photographers on Tuesday morning. Mr. Brown had previously dismissed fears of a house price crash. The photographed notes featured prominently on the news headlines on Tuesday and yesterday. Michael should take care to keep his briefcase tightly closed when preparing to meet with An Taoiseach Cowen! What’s the story, Fidelma? Fidelma Fallon The Walk, Roscommon 1. Ideal night out?  McCrann’s, Castle Street.  2. Ideal night in?  Regan’s in front of the fire. 3. What’s the best thing about living in Roscommon?  Donnellan’s Ladies wear. 4. What’s the worst thing about living in Co. Roscommon?  Too many good-looking men. 5. Which person in the world would you like to meet?  Bonnie Tyler 6. Colin Farrell or Ben Affleck Ben Affleck. 7. Podge & Rodge or Dustin?  Dustin 8. Itunes or Livewire?  I don’t Know. 9. ER or Scrubs?  Scrubs. 10. Match of the Day or Sunday Game? Neither Off to Galway (and Mayo!)  Will the last person in Roscommon on Sunday please turn off the lights?!     Roscommon GAA’s travelling supporters will travel on pilgrimage to Galway this Sunday where two of the county’s representative teams compete in Connacht championship matches.    Roscommon’s Junior team – managed by Éire Óg’s Mick Jordan – will contest with Leitrim in the final of the Connacht Junior championship in what will be the curtain-raiser to the Senior Championship match between Roscommon and Galway. Supporters are encouraged to go to early Mass on Sunday morning and to be present in Salthill for the Junior game at two o’clock!  Roscommon minors meanwhile are in action in Castlebar at 7 pm on Saturday and it is hoped that they too will attract a large following. People’s people of the week The award goes to the several hundred members of the public who, to quote one speaker, ‘left their sun-beds’ and attended the HAC  public meeting on the future of Roscommon Hospital. If anything can save the hospital from downgrading, it’s the people – people power – so well done to all who attended.  WOW of the week He may have a ‘hospital headache’ hanging over him, but Michael Finneran is surely Roscommon’s ‘winner of the week,’ having landed a major junior ministry in this, his 6th year in Dail Eireann. All the speculation formally ended on Tuesday afternoon when new Taoiseach Brian Cowen confirmed his ministers-of-state line-up: complete with a first Roscommon junior ministerial appointment in nineteen years.