Guinness All Ireland Senior hurling Championship Final Preview.

The 2007 All Ireland SHC Final takes place on Sunday next in Croke Park between Kilkenny and Limerick and Roscommon People asked five well-known Roscommon hurling people to give their verdict on the big game. David McConn  (Roscommon SH team manager) ‘Limerick will be a lot closer than many people think. They will be very tactical as they were against Waterford and that will work to a point. They also play with such enthusiasm and with a huge work rate that they will trouble any team including Kilkenny. ‘However, having said all that, Kilkenny have just too much class and too much power in several areas of the field. In fact I think that there are five or six players on the Kilkenny team who are some of the greatest players ever to play the game and there is no substitute for class. In fact I think that the pick of a lot of the big hurling counties would not match this particular Kilkenny team.’ ‘I expect a good hard competitive game, but I expect that Limerick’s hard work and high work rate will just not be enough against a top class Kilkenny team and I think that they will win in the end.’ Prediction: Kilkenny. Mick Brehony (Roscommon Gaels) ‘Kilkenny have to be the strong favourites and their full forward line looks very, very strong and too strong for the Limerick back line. Limerick got the scores against Waterford but they will not get them as easy on Sunday next. ‘Henry Shefflin will lead the Kilkenny attack and he has proven to be such a great hurler and a great leader too. It’s hard to see anything other than a Kilkenny win. ‘It has been a mighty hurling championship this year, one of the best we have ever seen and I think that there could be another good game on Sunday next. Limerick will give it everything but it will not be good enough.’ Prediction: Kilkenny Tommy Connolly (Roscommon Co Hurling Board PRO) ‘There is no doubt that Kilkenny deserve to be the hottest of hot favourites to win but I really think that Limerick are going to give them a hell of a game. I have been so impressed with Limerick this year. They are good hurlers and are highly motivated. I noticed how focused they were in the parade before the match against Waterford. They looked like men possessed. ‘Richie Bennis has done a great job with Limerick and it is great to see a new team come into the final. I suppose that you would have to side with Kilkenny but I am predicting a good close game. ‘The class and experience of the Kilkenny players should tell against a Limerick team that will be fresh and enthusiastic. I think it will be close but Kilkenny will win it by a couple of points.’ Prediction: Kilkenny Michael Kelly (Oran) ‘It’s been a great championship. I got it wrong – I thought that Waterford would win it, but here we are with Limerick and Kilkenny in the final. Limerick are playing with great enthusiasm and they showed a mighty will to win against Waterford. ‘I am expecting big things from this Limerick team and they will give it a huge lash, but just like the football game between Kerry and Dublin last Sunday, I think that Kilkenny just have the classier players. ‘I’m delighted to see Limerick in the final and I would love to see them win it. My heart says Limerick but my head says Kilkenny – just.’ Prediction: Kilkenny Mervyn Connaughton (Roscommon SH team captain) ‘ I would love to see Limerick win the game, but I don’t think that they will do it. I simply cannot see where Limerick will get the scores against this Kilkenny back line. I can see Kilkenny getting their usual 2-18 or 3-15, while Limerick might not make it past 1-10 or 1-12.’ ‘I hope that I am wrong, but I fear that Limerick may have played their All Ireland final against Waterford and that Kilkenny will be far too strong for them on Sunday. I would love if Limerick won, but you have to be realistic. I think Kilkenny will win easily.’ Prediction: Kilkenny.