Guided Tour of Cloonlarge Bog Loop attracts visitors from California

Recently, a study visit to Cloonlarge Bog Loop in Kilteevan took place, attracting participants from as far as Santa Barbara, California, and highlighting the incredible natural and cultural significance of Cloonlarge Bog. The visit was organised by Kilteevan Tidy Towns and the Connecting Communities with Peatlands project.

The study visit offered participants a guided walk of Cloonlarge Bog Loop with Eileen Fahey, Chairperson of Kilteevan Tidy Towns, and Chris Peppiatt, Conservation Ranger with the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

The group walked the entire bog loop, learning about the bog biodiversity, and local stories of people who lived along the bog roads, and about the dedicated and talented local volunteers who designed the signage, created sculptures, and built insect hotels and decking in various places along the trail.

Eileen Fahey said, “We have successfully revitalised the bog, turning it into a thriving community asset that showcases our heritage and promotes biodiversity.”

Kilteevan Tidy Towns actively manages multiple aspects of the project. Their efforts have been supported by the National Parks and Wildlife Service and Roscommon County Council.

The project’s success lies in its community-led approach, which has not only put Kilteevan firmly on the map but also positively impacted the well-being of local residents.

The revitalised Cloonlarge Bog Loop provides a safe space for the community to gather, offering tranquillity, and fostering a sense of pride. In addition, it has raised awareness about biodiversity and environmental protection while attracting an increasing number of visitors to the area.

Looking to the future, Kilteevan Tidy Towns envisions Cloonlarge Bog undergoing restoration works, securing its preservation for future generations to enjoy. The group also hopes for prominent recognition of Cloonlarge Bog Loop as a visitor attraction in the area.