Green Comfort Medical Footwear?at Donnellan & Co, Roscommon

Robert Lyons from Green Comfort Medical Footwear will be in attendance at Donnellan & Co Shoe Specialists from 10 am to 4.30 pm on Wednesday 21 st November.   He will be there to help and advise on the right choice for people with sensitive or troublesome feet.   Green Comfort Medical is a Danish company, and has in close co-operation with Podiatrist, Chiropodists, Hospitals, Orthopaedic shoemakers and Danish Designers developed footwear for the treatment of people with sensitive feet due to problems with arthritis, diabetes, swollen feet, hammer toes, bunions, wearing bandages and other foot conditions.   A large number of these individuals often find it difficult to find footwear to fit them, but an immediate solution and relief can be found in a pair of Green Comfort Medical footwear.   Green Comfort Medical footwear have an extra wide last with large volume, shock absorbing PPT® insoles, no irritation from inside stitching and an anatomical correct shape – it is very important that the feet are not strained by pressure or stitching.   All Green Comfort Medical footwear uses their world patented Biomechanic Energy sole, which is highly elastic and gives unsurpassed shock absorption and comfort.   With every foot movement the small muscles in the feet are constantly massaged, thus significantly improving the blood circulation in the feet and legs and helps prevent tiredness and strain in the legs and back. The Biomechanic Energy sole is based on their patented material with a vertical cell structure – equivalent to the thousands of small springs. The shock-absorbing insole keeps its elasticity and absorbs shocks from hard surfaces at previously unattainable levels – so the comfort and protection are kept intact for the lifetime of the shoe. Thus the construction of the footwear gives you a more effortless and easier walk.   The lining of the footwear is made from skin-friendly materials and has seamless lining to avoid irritation from stitching. All materials used inside the shoes have been tested for pureness and absence of heavy metals, etc.    For further information about our Demonstration Day, please contact Donnellan & Co (Footwear Department) at (090) 66 26334.