‘Greatest load of nonsense’

McStay: ‘I hope Gay might cop on to himself’

Roscommon manager Kevin McStay has had his say on former Roscommon manager Gay Sheerin’s recent controversial comments on local radio.


  As reported in last week’s Roscommon People, Sheerin blasted the new Roscommon management following the recent defeat to Mayo – alleging that many players don’t want to play for Kevin McStay and controversially stating that he (Sheerin) doesn’t like to see Mayo men on the Roscommon sideline.

  In responding to Sheerin’s criticism, McStay was adamant that the comments hadn’t affected his players but admitted that it had been a difficult week for him personally.

  Speaking after last Sunday’s defeat to Kerry at Dr. Hyde Park, McStay said: “It was a very tough week for me and my family to be honest. My kids read that stuff you know. My loyalty to Roscommon is being questioned because of my birthplace? It’s nonsense.

  “My mam and dad are from Tuam in County Galway and they ended up in Ballina in the ‘40s. My father played for Tuam Stars all his life but when he went to Ballina he committed to the Stephenites. When he died he was President of Mayo GAA. When I came to Roscommon my father said if you want to be part of the community go to Roscommon Gaels and make your home in Roscommon. I did that over 25 years ago and to have that said then is unbelievable.

  “It’s the greatest load of nonsense I’ve heard. The remarks did not affect the players today though, and I hope when Gay Sheerin gets time and reflects on it as a former player and manager he might just cop on to himself a small bit.

  “It reflects badly on the group of players I have,” McStay added, “like they’re not trying or there’s dissent in the camp. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Do you think a team could go out there and play like we did today if we’re not showing a unity and togetherness about what we’re trying to achieve for this summer? It couldn’t happen.

  “I’ve trained Roscommon minors twenty years ago. I’m almost of Roscommon at this stage, my three children are from Roscommon. What do you want me to do? I can’t rebirth myself, if that’s the word, but it’s just very disappointing that people would take that angle.”