Great water treatment options at Connolly Water Solutions

Does your water look bad? Does it smell bad? Or does it taste bad? Are you worried about any bacteria that may be in your water? Are you concerned that cryptosporidium, e-coli, cysts, aluminium, lead, chlorine, fluoride, lime, iron, nitrates, slurry, poison, or methane might be in your drinking water or your children’s drinking water? A Ballaghaderreen water solutions business is offering Roscommon People readers a wide range of water treatment options this spring. Connolly Water Solutions, specialists in water filtration, have recently announced details of a number of attractive options for those of us who are concerned that our water may be contaminated. Reverse osmotic water treatment, lime scale removal, chemical removal, iron removal, sulphur removal, bacteria and chlorine removal, and bug removal are just some of the options provided by Connolly Water Solutions for clients. The company, which is establishing a name throughout Connacht for the excellent quality of its services, conducts free before and after water testing and analysis. Connolly Water Solutions also offers free call out and consultation, optional annual maintenance contracts, money back guarantees, and a range of other quality assurances.  Reverse osmotic filtration is one of the options that are on offer at Connolly Water Solutions this spring. Reverse osmotic filters are internationally recognised as the most effective, natural, and affordable way to ensure consistent, safe, clean drinking water for the modern family home. Connolly Water Solutions also offers clients all of the leading models of high capacity water softeners and conditioners. The Ballaghaderreen company’s experienced technicians advise and install the best system for its customers with the minimum of inconvenience and fuss. Soft water in your shower means healthier skin and hair. Sot water in your appliances means softer clothes, shinier dishes, less breakdowns, and more savings on detergents. Soft water in your heating also guarantees efficiency in terms of output and also leads to vastly reduced plumbing costs. If you are interested in any of the range of goods and services that are being offered to you by Connolly Water Solutions please contact (094) 9861821.