Barstool Boyos – 31st of March

Good or bad? It’s (not) quite straightforward!

March is almost over! That’s bad!

No, that’s good!

It’s not! March is a special month, ‘cos it signals the start of spring. The fact that it’s finished means the year is already a quarter over! It’s bad!

No! April means warmer weather and longer evenings. So it’s good!

Well the National Football League is over – that’s bad!

No! Roscommon had a very nice campaign, it’s done and dusted, and we’re gearing up for the championship. That’s good!

Well, Enoch Burke is giving out yards to a poor judge as I write, now that’s bad!

No, that’s keeping newspaper colour writers in jobs, and half the country entertained, that’s good!

(Editor: Well, we have to respect the court and we can’t…)

Well, Ireland lost to France the other night! That’s bad!

On the contrary, Ireland really put it up to the World Cup finalists. That’s good!

Brian Kerr wasn’t happy, and he knows his football. So it must be bad!

Nah, Brian Kerr just has a bee in his bonnet about  Stephen Kenny! It made for entertaining TV. And that’s good!

Well we lost an hour’s sleep at the weekend, now that’s bad!

No, it means there’s more light to enjoy in the evenings. That’s good!

Well I can’t mow the lawn because of this rain we’ve been having – that’s bad!

Yeah, but with these longer evenings you’ll have more time to do it, when the time is right. That’s good!

Well, the final season of Succession has started, that’s bad…the fact that it’s the final season!

But it means you can catch up on all those other great series’ you haven’t had a chance to watch yet! That’s good!

Well, getting back to the GAA, crafty Galway beat Kerry and that denied the Rossies a place in the National League final. Surely that’s bad? 

Nah, let Galway and Mayo fight it out, hopefully after extra-time. It gives our lads more time to prepare for a massive challenge in Castlebar. That’s good!

Well, Donald Trump hasn’t been arrested yet, that’s bad!

But the suspense is kind of captivating, that’s kind of good!

(They pause – for breath)

You know, you STILL haven’t negotiated a new contract for us with the Editor…that’s bad!

I had constructive talks with him the other day, that’s good!

I still think he wants Joe Brolly in. That’s obviously bad (for us)!

Brolly’s just launched a new podcast. He’s off the table. That’s good!

Speaking of podcasts, I heard Enoch Burke might be starting a daily one…

Both: Oh no! THAT’S BAD!