Golf classic to support work in Kenya

On August 17th, 18th and 19th, Strokestown Golf Club will hold a fundraising Golf Classic in aid of Fr. Padraig Devine’s missionary work in Kenya. Also, a fundraising dinner dance will be held in Percy French Hotel Strokestown on Saturday, 25th August, with proceeds to the same charity.             Proceeds from the fundraiser will be fully utilised for evangelistic work, providing educational facilities, creating health centres and improving water/sanitary systems for the poorest of the poor, often in areas of drought and famine, in Kenya. The missionary work will involve a broad spectrum of activities ranging from proclaiming the Gospel, constructing classrooms and clinics, training teachers and catechists, building water irrigation schemes, solar lighting for students to study in schools in the evenings etc.             Where the missionaries work there is no national electricity supply or running water schemes. The roads are mainly tracks through the bush and often the only medi-care is provided by missionary groups. However, in the midst of all this are men, women and children who are anxious and keen to improve their livelihoods, no more or no less than the generations before us in Ireland endeavoured to do. ‘On behalf of all the missionaries, clerical and lay volunteers, be assured that your help is vital and makes an enormous difference for so many. Your support and the help of Strokestown Golf Classic organising committee and sponsors is very much appreciated.’             For further information please contact Stephen O’Connor, Captain Strokestown Golf Club on (087) 2482334, or Strokestown Golf Club directly.