Golden memories at the Silver Eel




Thursday, July 4th, Independence Day USA, was one of the biggest holidays in that country. It is celebrated in many ways, with Manhattan becoming a ghost city on that day as most residents flee to the beach, parks, country locations and to the far reaches of Long Island. Outdoor barbecues are high on the agenda, where the simple food – even the old American hot dog – tastes a dozen times better alfresco.

  However, this great holiday is also celebrated on this side of the Atlantic – though admittedly on a more modest scale. So it was the perfect day for 52 patrons and staff from the Elphin Cay Care Centre to set off to our favourite restaurant, the lovely Silver Eel, just twenty minutes up the road.

  Upon our arrival, the delightful Jackie, our host, was there to greet us and get us all settled in the vast lounge. Drinks, tea and coffee were all served promptly by the catering staff. In minutes, all and sundry were in a celebratory mood and enjoying the glorious beauty of the marina just metres away, and the view of the flotilla of boats and yachts of all sizes moored at the dock.

  Then we were escorted to the delightful, decorated dining room for an excellent luncheon. The menu was generous with four entrées and an equal number of mouth-watering desserts, red and white wine, soft drinks, etc. The din of banter, laughter, and funny stories ensued throughout the meal, and the empty plates at the end were a sure indicator of the quality of the food.

  We were then invited by our gracious manager Catherine McGrath to return to the lounge as the music had just started – provided by local band ‘The Featherheads’. In minutes, the dance floor was filled with patrons. All danced to various tempos, and later a huge raffle took place with delightful prizes – and very few went home empty-handed.

  It was a most entertaining day, so well planned, organised and executed by the staff of the Silver Eel, Day Care Centre and the most competent drivers of the buses. Well done all.