Golden: Direct financial supports needed for farmers 

IFA Livestock Chairman Brendan Golden said immediate direct financial supports must be provided to farmers to offset the increased costs for feed, fertiliser and fuel on suckler, cattle rearing and finishing farms. 

  “These supports must be paid directly to farmers based on their level of production,” he said.

  Mr. Golden said it’s vital that cattle continue to be finished in line with our well-established production systems. 

  “Any disruption to the beef trade will have devasting consequences for these farmers. There is a real concern the trade of beef animals will be severely disrupted and in turn our supply chain for beef if there is a failure to put guarantees in place for farmers who are producing beef for this autumn and next spring,” he said. 

  The IFA Livestock Chairman said availability of key inputs must be assessed immediately and restrictions on land use under schemes, nitrates requirements and other legal obligations must be removed to ensure farmers have all lands at their disposal to produce food. 

  Mr. Golden accused policy makers at EU and national level of failing European consumers and farmers. 

  “The relentless pursuit of a cheap food policy; the erosion of supports for food production; and the trade-off of Irish and EU farmers in trade deals for the benefit of large corporations and industrialists has undermined Irish and EU food sovereignty,” he said. 

  “EU and national policy must value the vital role of farmers in providing security of food for the citizens of the EU, food which is produced to the highest environmental and welfare standards in the world”.