Glanbia in Rooskey: the end

It’s the end of an era this coming Friday as the last of the workers at the Glanbia plant in Rooskey leave the plant which will close its doors for the final time.   At one time in the past the former Hanleys plant employed up to 600 people and was one of Roscommon’s biggest employers. However the beginning of the end happened in 2002 when a massive fire almost totally destroyed the plant, ironically during the general election campaign that year.   All that survived after the fire was the cannery section and up to recently fifty people were employed in that section. A redundancy package was worked out with many of the former Glanbia employees while others were transferred to company plants in other towns around the country.   However that section has been scaled down gradually and while some workers  left the plant last Friday the rest will leave for the final time this Friday.   It’s unclear what will happen to the site which is located in the centre of Rooskey village and a local action group is being set up with the aim of attracting industry and employment to the Roosky area.   Local Fianna Fail Cllr. Eugene Murphy described news of the closure as ‘ a sad day for the Roosky area’.