Give your pet a holiday at Clover Kennels, Ballygar

Dogs going on holidays! Whatever will they think of next? Well, it’s true! Dogs, just like thousands of people every year, pack their bags and head off on holidays of their own. Clover Kennels, a registered Boarding Kennels, near Ballygar, have this to say before you plan your holiday: ‘If you are like me, when you book your holiday away, you try to ensure that you have the best accommodation, and the best treatment that your money can buy. So why not do the same for your dog? ‘Sometimes when the holidays are approaching, we are so busy organising our own holiday, we totally forget about where the dog is going until the very last minute. And in the final rush, we can sometimes end up sending our unprepared pooch to a ‘holiday resort’ that may not suit his needs at all. ‘Dog holiday camps are best known to most of us as Boarding Kennels. These are the places that many of us frantically ring with only hours to spare before we begin our much-deserved break away. However, it is important to do a little research before you send your furry loved one on his merry way.  ‘Try to visit a few boarding kennels in your area. Ask to be shown around and be sure you are comfortable with the kennels staff and with the services and facilities offered. Boarding Kennels should be clean and airy, and should not have an undesirable smell wafting about.  ‘All reputable Boarding Kennels should request up-to-date vaccination certificates with the full range of vaccinations including the Kennel Cough vaccine. These vaccines are very important for any dog going to boarding kennels, and should be done on a regular basis, to protect against disease. ‘Boarding kennels often differ with the facilities, accommodation and level of care that is offered, so it is important to find the right kennels for your dog. Some larger breeds of dogs need extra space, and some smaller breeds need to be kept in warm indoor kennels. Some dogs need medication and some need more experienced handling than others, so if you do have a highly-strung dog, you should make the kennel’s staff aware of this. In that way, the kennels can structure the best way to take care of your dog.  ‘Some dogs, if they haven’t been in boarding kennels before, can get quite stressed, so it is important to tell the kennels as much information as you can about your dog. It is sometimes wise to send your dog to a kennels for one or two nights, so he can warm to the experience of being in a kennels. For some dogs, a visit to a kennels can be overwhelming, so for the more nervous types, it is sometimes good to do a trial run. ‘It is less stressful for your dog if the kennels can stick as much to the pet’s everyday routine as possible. Let the kennels know what time your dog likes to be fed, when he/she goes for his walk, and if he/she has any medical conditions that may need to be monitored. If your dog has a favourite toy or is particularly fond of one of your favourite shoes, the kennels shouldn’t mind if you want to bring his/her toys along.  ‘Some kennels don’t mind if you wish to bring your dog’s bed and favourite food/treats, although most kennels do provide the bedding and food. Don’t be afraid to tell the kennels of your dog’s needs. Your chosen kennels should want to get to know as much about your dog as possible, asking lots of questions about your dog’s likes or dislikes. Remember, it’s not just you going on holidays this year! The dog deserves a holiday too, and it’s up to you to make it a good one!’