Getting to know Macra na Feirme…






Q&A with Debbie Donnelly, Macra na Feirme’s new training and development officer for Roscommon, Galway, Longford and Offaly.


What is Macra na Feirme?


In simple terms it can be considered a social outlet for 17-35 year olds. The mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of communities by supporting the social, economic, cultural, personal development and wellbeing of young people.

What goes on there?


Macra na Feirme members can take part in any or all of the key areas of activity: agriculture, sport, travel, public speaking and debating, performing arts and community involvement. Each key area presents a chance for learning news skills, making new friends and overall personal development.

Who can join?


Anyone between the ages of 17 and 35 can join. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be from or have a farming background to join.

Why join Macra?


Our members have said they joined in order to make lifelong friends, have the craic and to strengthen their lifestyles. They also say it’s an opportunity to get away from the farm and to meet people with similar interests.

Where do I apply?

The easiest way is probably to fill in the membership form online at or to contact the training and development officer (TDO) for your area. Also, keep an eye on the Roscommon Macra na Feirme Facebook page for events and meetings at which new members can sign up.

Debbie is TDO for Roscommon and can be contacted on 086-7808987.