Getting the dream dress

Selecting a wedding dress is a difficult decision. Apart from the cost considerations, many women have invested much emotional energy in thinking about their wedding day and planning how they will look on the big day. While you need to stay within budget on the glorious gown, other considerations to think about include suitability, practicality and comfort on the big day. It’s a good idea to bring friends or family along with you when choosing the dress, especially if you’re nervous about the decision or don’t feel comfortable with your own sense of style. However, if your family or friends are overly critical or likely to make comments that will dent your self-confidence, then leave them at home. The last thing you need is the dress-buying session to turn into a total ordeal. Plan well in advance, give yourself loads of time and decide on a simple treat for yourself once the decision is made.  Budget Get familiar with the price of wedding dresses in outlets in County Roscommon and beyond and then set a spending limit for yourself. It will knock off some of the most expensive creations and will help you keep within budget for the overall event.  Suitability Think about the ceremony when buying the dress. Picture yourself in the church saying your vows and see if the creation you’re considering fits the picture in your head. Be practical In County Roscommon, it can be uncommonly difficult to predict the weather, even with the much-sought help of the ubiquitous Child of Prague. You don’t want to be too hot and likewise, you don’t want the goosebumps featuring strongly in your wedding album! There are loads of options, wraps to keep you warm in winter, which can be dropped once you’re safely inside. If it’s very hot (because you’re abroad or else you have a very good Child of Prague), then choose a weightless fabric for your fabulous gown. Don’t let your dress stop you from having fun. Think about the venue for the reception and where the photos will be taken. You don’t want to sink into the mud and you don’t want your train getting caught in the coir matting. Also, if the dress is horribly complicated to tie up, think about the time and effort that this will require on your wedding day. Honesty Honesty is always the best policy. Be honest with yourself about your body shape, but don’t be brutal or negative. Talk to the sales assistant and tell them the less favoured bits which you want concealed. If white doesn’t suit your complexion, then choose one of the many ivory or cream creations on offer. If you’re even more adventurous, choose a dress in your favourite colour.