Gardening tips for growing season!

With growing season in full swing, here are some top gardening tips for Roscommon People readers…


Don’t forget to prune!

Pruning encourages growth and allows the plant to flower and fruit better. Before pruning, make sure to follow guidance on how best to prune each plant – knowing when to prune, and how to make the cuts/shape the plant are important things to consider.


Pesky pests

While pests can pose a threat to plants most don’t cause much harm, and can largely be left alone, as natural predators tend to keep them in check. Some forms of wildlife may even be beneficial to your garden’s growth – birds eat a variety of pests, and bees pollinate plants. However, keep an eye out for slugs and snails, and research organic methods of pest control if they become a problem.


Benefits of composting

Composting your kitchen and garden waste is not only advisable when considering the environment, but can also be very beneficial when it comes to maintaining a thriving garden. Compost organic waste, leave it to break down for a year, and then use it as mulch to help with growth.


Feeding and watering


This might seem obvious but it’s important to know when and how to do so, to help plants thrive. Water your plants regularly, making sure to water the roots directly, as opposed to the leaves, as this is where water is absorbed. Also, make sure to feed your plants every fortnight during growing season.


Preparation is key

Before planting, find out more about your garden – whether it’s north or south facing, for example and carry out a soil test. It is also important to to weed and prepare the soil, adding mulch or fertiliser if necessary.


Go green!

Greenhouses and polytunnels can offer longer growing seasons, weather protection, more plant options and pest prevention, so their potential benefit is something to consider when gardening.