Gardaí tell Glenamaddy people: Turn off CCTV

System ‘against the law’

The Gardaí have told the Glenamaddy community to turn off a CCTV system that cost €11,000 to purchase and install – on the basis that it’s against the law.

  Local businessman, Joe Cunniffe, the operator of the scheme, said that the cameras were purchased around five years ago but, earlier this year, Gardai took issue with them.

  He said: “We were asked to turn them off during the summer because of data protection laws. We have to comply with that.”

  Cameras are located in various places around the Co. Galway town, including on The Square, but it is understood that the Gardaí principally objected to ones located at a pub.

  A resident, who asked not to be named, said: “The cameras themselves aren’t the problem – it’s the recording machine.”

  A Garda spokesperson confirmed that the system was not in line with regulations and that they were forced to take action.

  They said: “There was a CCTV system in operation in Glenamaddy, but unfortunately it did come under the authorisation of Section 38 of the An Garda Siochána Act 2005 and the operator has been advised that it is in contravention to same.”

  The component of the Act cited refers to the operation and installation of CCTV.

  The spokesperson said: “Efforts are currently being made to regularise the situation in consultation with appropriate authorities before a new CCTV system can be sanctioned to operate in Glenamaddy.”

  Mr Cunniffe confirmed that efforts were ongoing to alter the system so that it complied with guidelines, and that he hoped to have it operational in the near future.