Ganley: ‘I’d support push to highlight our cultural wealth’

High profile entrepreneur, Declan Ganley – a Glenamaddy native – told delegates at last week’s Suck Valley national conference that he would be happy to lend his support to any initiative that celebrated the area’s links with the High Kings of Connacht.

  Addressing the conference in a video link-up from Washington, USA, Mr. Ganley said there is massive potential in the Suck Valley Way region and what is required is for local communities to “tap into our cultural wealth”.

  The businessman identified geneology as being very important insofar that learning about one’s ancestry appeals to “a very wide section of the populace”.

  Mr. Ganley said the Suck Valley area is an artery for unique cultural heritage and went on to reference the O’Conor clan and the High Kings.

  “This (history) has been neglected and has great potential in terms of tourism. If something was done (to highlight the links with the O’Conors) I’d be interested (in being involved)…there is enormous cultural depth and wealth here that people will want to see…the river, the ruins, the heritage…the time is right to exploit that”.

  Mr. Ganley said that with the O’Conors’ roots being in the area, “you can capture a huge, accessible market”. There is a “cultural well” that can be dipped into, with the area offering links back to the “Irish Royal line”.