Gaining a healthy lifestyle at Curves

If you want to gain a healthy lifestyle this Autumn, why not join Curves in Roscommon?             Curves is a facility specially designed for women, featuring a complete 30 minute workout and weight management programme that is fun, fast and safe! Would you benefit from a 30-minute total workout? When dieting, up to 50 percent of the weight lost is lean muscle and water. The key to permanent weight loss is strength training. In just 30 minutes you will have performed a minimum of three sets of strength training exercises on every major muscle group, while maintaining your target heart rate, burning up to 600 calories.             What is the Curves Workout? It’s cardio and strength training in just 30 minutes! Circuit training is a great idea. You alternate upper body strength training exercises with aerobic recovery stations and then lower body exercises. There are no weight stacks to manage or change, just the safe accommodating resistance that keeps you moving smoothly and safely around the circuit. For further information, contact Manager Loretta Mulryan on (090) 66 34969.