Fungal infections

It can be very embarrassing when you shake someone’s hand and find that the hand has a fungal condition. This is usually visible on the palm of the hand, where the skin feels hard and is of a reddish, cracked texture. Fungal conditions can be persistent and difficult to treat. They may start on the hands, or sometimes on the feet as in the case of athlete’s foot, or on some remote areas of the skin. They can be recognised by skin eruptions, inflammation and cracked skin. Some years ago I had a patient with a fungal condition on the hands, and I mentioned this case to my old teacher, Alfred Vogel. He told me that at one time he had visited the Javaras, an Indian tribe, where he had noticed many incidences of skin fungi and went on to tell me how they treated their people: there, in the wild, originated today’s remedy, Spilanthes. Spilanthes oleracea or Paracress is a herbal preparation used for fungal conditions and infections. Twenty drops twice a day taken in a little water will be of great benefit. For a fungus within the mouth, such as thrush, this is also a wonderful remedy. In such instances, Spilanthes can be used as a mouth rinse for the inflammation of the mucous membranes, when it is recommended that 30 drops are used, diluted in half a glass of water. Athlete’s foot is probably the most commonly known fungal disease and can be very widespread. The skin frequently becomes raw and eroded, with a burning and itching feeling and, through touch, can affect the hands too. For fungal skin conditions such as athlete’s foot, including infections under the finger and toenails, it is advisable also to dab undiluted Spilanthes liberally on the affected areas two to four times a day. Usually when I treat a patient for a fungus, I also recommend that they take the concentrated whey, Molkosan. This is produced from fresh Alpine whey by a natural fermentation process. Molkosan, rich in natural lactic acid, has been proven effective in research carried out at the University of Derby. Many people I have seen have found the combination of Molkosan and Spilanthes to be of great help in the treatment of fungal infections Health Naturally with Jan De Vries Available at O’Brien’s Health Food – Roscommon, (090) 66 34174