Full disclosure: Harking back to night that businessman gave us his…bike!

It was the inaugural ‘Best Barperson in Roscommon’ competition, we were the judges…

It was around 2019…


Do we HAVE to talk about it?

Yes, because of that email the Editor sent us!

So he wants us to disclose ANY ‘benefit’ we have received from sponsors/clients/businesses, which might give cause for suspicion of potential conflict of interest, since we began writing this column?

Yes, that’s how he chose to word it!

And he wants a paper trail!

Yeah, a copy of all correspondence either or both of us have received over the years from readers, state agencies, businesses who have advertised with the Roscommon People, tourists, strangers, strange tourists, Mayo supporters and political spin doctors!


When he rang about the email, he said he has to have a copy of our records, for fear of an audit of all media in light of the RTE scandal!

Oh dear!


(They pause to watch Ryan Tubridy giving evidence)



It’s that night we compered the Best Barperson final that worries me…

But what about that week we called on all Roscommon people in Ballaghaderreen to cheer for Mayo once the Rossies exit the championship?

I vaguely remember that ill-advised column…

We wrote that a few nights after some Mayo supporters wined and dined us in the Croke Park hotel…

There was no link between the two!


So, back to that Best Barperson night…


We could issue a statement to the media, before it gets out!

But we’re small fry!

We were small fry yesterday, but the spotlight will be on everyone in the media now! Before we know it, it’ll be you and me explaining/apologising/spluttering in front of Joe Finnegan! Or Joe Duffy!

Okay, let’s get a press statement out – now!

So we were asked to ‘MC’ the Best Barperson final. And we had a few drinks…

A lock-in, it’s called!

We were drinking with the event sponsor, a well-known local businessman.

Do we need to include that?

Yes, full disclosure!

At 2 am, we couldn’t get a taxi…

And THAT’S when the businessman gave us his…bike!

We cycled home together, you on the back! Do you remember?

Remember? I can’t banish the memory!

It was nearly five years ago. The businessman has asked us to MC the odd event since. And – full disclosure – we still have the bike!

It was an ad-hoc arrangement…

Such an error of judgement! Actually, correct that press release…


We don’t ‘still have the bike’I BROUGHT IT BACK…YESTERDAY!