Frain’s train has finally come in

Ballaghaderreen’s Micheál Frain, a newly-elected Independent councillor, has been a Council candidate before. On Monday evening, the businessman, community activist, and retained firefighter landed the council seat he has long pursued. And according to attendees at the count, it is well deserved.

As a driving force of community development in Ballaghaderreen, Cllr Frain spoke to the Roscommon People over the weekend.

Micheál said of his election: “It’s hard work and it’s been a hard few years. I thought I’d put this (going for election) all behind me, and I probably had. But I was approached to run, and I gave it everything. I put in the five, six hard weeks of it (for the campaign). Thankfully, it worked out, and the people of Ballaghaderreen came out, and they spoke.

“As I said earlier on there to somebody else, I think the political establishment is going to have to start listening to real people, and get their heads away from focus groups, because you’ll hear from people what the real issues are out there”.

A well-known bridge-builder in his community, Cllr Frain said he works with everybody because he thinks that Roscommon is a county with good potential.

“I think it hasn’t reached its full potential, from a lot of aspects. You know, industrial development is one that really comes to mind. Business, too. We hear regularly about the IDA, Enterprise Ireland. I think there’s an awful lot that can be done for tourism, industrial development and job creation in the county”.

Quipping that he’s “an overnight success now after 30 years”, the newly-elected councillor ruled out running in a General Election: “I’m here to be a councillor. It is what it says on the tin. The people of Ballaghaderreen have put their support in me and I’m going to work for the people of Ballaghaderreen”.