Focus on your future

Property has certainly been the cornerstone of wealth accumulation for many Irish people. Currently in Britain and Europe, Irish investors are among the biggest and most loved gamblers in the property casino.   It is worth remembering that it also has been the rock on which much wealth has been lost through ill-advised or rash investment. More than ever before, success in this sector requires professional investment management. Irish based property investment company Property Focus is ideally poised to assist investors not only to source but also to manage a portfolio of investment properties.   Property Focus owner John Flynn has over six years experience in overseas property markets. After graduating from University College Dublin he worked in Cape Town for two years managing investment properties for Irish clients and marketed South Africa’s most exclusive development, Mandela Rhodes Place, to the Irish market. On returning to Ireland he worked for Christies Estates selling and managing investment properties from the UK, Hungary, Poland, the USA and South Africa. John then set up Property Focus in early 2006. ‘We have an experienced team of property professionals in various European markets enabling us to source the best possible investments in strategic locations for our clients. We are currently concentrating on the UK and Polish markets,’ said Mr. Flynn.   The UK remains a low interest rate environment and boasts one of the lowest unemployment levels in Europe. It has always been and continues to be, the preferred market for Irish property investors and is holding its own against the rising number of ’emerging’ markets. Value is a prerequisite for investors and familiarity renders the whole investment process more transparent and easier to navigate. Since records began back in the 1950s, house prices in the UK have doubled on average every eight or nine years. This is the kind of security that investors want as they plan their acquisitions and portfolio growth. ‘Our research has shown that the Luton area of London offers some excellent opportunities for investors. Property prices are only a fraction of those in the more affluent areas of London. Shrewd investors and first-time buyers are now flocking to the area,’ added Mr. Flynn. Luton is 25 minutes from London city centre by train and some of Ireland’s biggest developers have recently purchased extensive development sites there. Property Focus, through its UK development partner ‘DPS Group’, has some excellent investment options in Luton to suit first time investors and developers alike.   The Polish property market is currently experiencing a period of unprecedented growth. Land values in certain regions grew by up to 70 percent in the past 12 months. With low interest rates, strong local demand for residential property and major inward foreign direct investment, property prices should continue to soar. ‘Most emerging property markets are being dominated by foreign buyers but the local demand for new apartments in Poland is very strong. It is the only European country where we are not approached by developers to market their developments here. Developers simply do not need foreign companies such as ourselves to sell their product so it takes quite a while to source and negotiate the right deal for our clients,’ added Mr. Flynn. Property Focus has secured 20 units from the Avalon development in the thriving city of Gdansk. Prices are from €85,000 with completion due in mid 2009. A 15 percent deposit is required with the balance due on completion. For further information on any of the Property Focus investments or for general overseas property investment please contact (071) 9621651 or email