‘Flower Power’ project blooming…thanks to great voluntary support




Five years since the colourful initiative was first launched, Roscommon’s ‘Flower Power’ project is…blooming!

  This initiative was started by a small group of community-conscious local ladies, who set about sourcing and erecting beautiful flower displays at locations in Roscommon Town.

  The ‘flower planters’ take centre stage during the summer months and have greatly enhanced the image of the town, attracting much favourable comment from locals and tourists alike. The project is led by local businesswomen Rita Oates and Mary Gleeson, both of whom emphasise that they receive tremendous support from Roscommon Town Team and from a number of other volunteers.  

  When I recently discussed the project with Rita, she was glowing in her praise for the support within the community. 

  “We have received great support from Roscommon Town Team. Funding provided by Roscommon Town Team over the past few years has been much appreciated. We are very grateful for this support”.

  Rita also acknowledged the support of Roscommon Chamber of Commerce and the business community.

  Rita and Mary also wanted to highlight the tremendous assistance that they have received from the Roscommon Christmas Lights Committee.

  Here at the Roscommon People, we always like to acknowledge the huge effort put in by the Christmas Lights Committee each year, but as Rita points out, their generosity with their time now extends to a new seasonal commitment as they actively support the flowers’ project.

  “We cannot thank the ‘Christmas Lights’ lads enough” says Rita. “It is just amazing what they do year in year out. They are brilliant people who give their time so generously every year, putting in countless hours’ work on the lights. Then, when we approached them about the flowers, their response was just fantastic. We are so grateful to them. They are community champions”.

  Members of the Christmas Lights Committee arrange to erect about 80 containers of flowers at various locations in town. This means more evenings out and about, in all sorts of weather conditions!

  Rita also acknowledged the support of Roscommon Tidy Towns who have arranged for workers on the Tús scheme to water the flowers twice weekly. Also thanked is Dominic Martin, who stores and maintains the flowers.

  The ever-growing project has gone down very well with the public.

  Rita Oates: “People really seem to like them. One local woman came into our shop (ETL) and volunteered a donation, she was so impressed! Roscommon’s marks in the Tidy Towns competition have been increasing, and we know that these beautiful flowers have helped…tourists have commented positively too. We have a great town and we feel that these flowers help to show it off in all its beauty. We are so grateful to everybody who helps to make it happen”.