Flood forces elderly people to leave homes

Several elderly people have been forced to leave their homes in south Roscommon because of extreme flooding.

  While the level of water has receded in many areas in the county over the past week, flooding remains rife in areas in both south and north Roscommon, where the rivers Suck and Shannon are located.

  The south Roscommon areas of Clonown, Barrymore, Hodson Bay and Creagh were particularly adversely affected.

  Last weekend, water entered about four or five homes at Curraghnaboll, Clonown, and at Cappaleitrim, Moore, forcing the home owners to leave. 

  “While the number is limited, it is a significant inconvenience for the families involved,” said local councillor John Naughten.

  “Most of them would be older people. In a number of locations also, people are having difficulty accessing homes.”

  Flooding is prevalent at the Clonown area on an annual basis, but the latest incident is the worst since 2009.

  “There is a level of frustration with people that it has repeated itself to the same extent as 2009,” said Cllr. Naughten, of Fine Gael.

  A house at Birchgrove, Creagh, near Ballinasloe, was also flooded last weekend, to the intense sadness of the owner, Maureen Calahan, whom local councillor Ivan Connaughton met.

  “Water came off the land and couldn’t get away where it would previously and flooded the house,” he said.

  Two other houses at the area almost suffered a similar fate, he said.

  The news was far more positive in relation to Athleague, which was completely flooded during the early part of last week.

  However, the waters reduced significantly and the main road through the village (Roscommon-Galway, N63) was reopened on Thursday, December 10, after a huge effort by residents by tackle the flood.