Five things we learnt from ‘The Beast’




Last week’s Arctic weather conditions brought most of the country to a standstill while it also threw up a number of talking points…

1 A nation’s obsession with bread

Just when you thought the whole world had gone ‘gluten-free’, along comes a ‘once in a generation’ weather event to highlight our ongoing if at times well hidden, sliced pan addiction.

  Bread disappeared off the shelves of the local supermarkets quicker than a member of An Garda Síochána could shout “get out of that digger” as Ireland once again fell in love with the loaf.

  Don’t be surprised if RTÉ’s coverage of our next weather event is brought to you by Brennan’s Bread!

2 Farmers are a great bunch of lads!

Ok so we’ve all cursed them at one point or another as they’ve meandered along local roads at a snail’s pace. But by God, we were thankful for them last week as they cleared the highways and byways of rural Ireland and freed us from our icy prisons. Give it a couple of weeks and we’ll be back to cursing them again!

3 Lidl’s classy response to thugs

‘So err…anyone do anything nice over the weekend?’ The Lidl Twitter machine enquired on Monday morning.

  The retailer took the whole ‘looting and destroying’ thing pretty well in fairness. While the damage caused by mindless thugs last Friday in Tallaght could have put a number of people out of work, Lidl confirmed that 30 employees would be redeployed to local outlets. Nicely done!

4 We have the craic in a crisis

The country grinding to a halt was the perfect excuse to have the craic in fairness. Videos of shady back alley bread dealing did the rounds on social media while all manner of snow sculptures sprung up around the nation. Igloos were probably the most sought after property for a short time on last week. Just don’t ask about the BER Rating!

5 The Beast respected boundaries

Whether it was Northern Ireland or south Roscommon, the Beast from the East respected established borders. South Roscommon miraculously avoided the initial Red Weather warning issued to Westmeath and Galway and managed to stay safely in the Orange zone! I guess the five feet of snow which had gathered outside homes in the south of the county on Friday was just an optical illusion caused by the sheer whiteness of the snow down the road in Athlone then.