Fitzmaurice wants more money for group water schemes



Deputy Michael Fitzmaurice has called for the funding that is required for group water schemes to be increased by at least €100 per household in the interests of equality.

  “Many people around Ireland voluntarily give their time helping to supply water in different parts of this country. It would cost the Government massive amounts of money were it not for the voluntary work that these people do in all parts of Ireland”.

  Deputy Fitzmaurice continued: “Now that the Government has decided to give free water on the public system to domestic households the Minister needs to immediately give the funding that is required to make sure that group water schemes will be able to give the same facility to supply good quality water to all their customers.

  “I believe that Minister Murphy needs to address this urgently, and I hope he understands the situation and that the Water Federation will fight for all group water schemes right around this country. Group water schemes need to get €240 per household of Government funding along with 100% grant-aid for any upgrading works that is done on those schemes to make sure that they survive in future”.