Fitzmaurice slams ‘efforts to close Rosalie Unit’



Independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice has slammed what he describes as “continued efforts” by the HSE and the Government to close the Rosalie Unit in Castlerea.

  The Roscommon-Galway representative was reacting to claims that some residents have been moved away from the unit and that a resident who had to attend hospital was told that they weren’t going to be brought back to the Rosalie Unit in Castlerea.

  “This is a scandalous situation for those who have spent a considerable amount of their lives in the Rosalie Unit, as well as their loved ones, to find themselves in.

  “The stress that is being put on families due to this is immense and it is, once again, a clear indication that this Government isn’t able to stand up to the HSE.

  “At meetings held in Castlerea in the past, letters were produced that were – allegedly – from Leo Varadkar, TDs in this area and from others in Government.

  “Unfortunately, these letters don’t appear to be worth the paper they were written on. This shows the contempt that people in Co. Roscommon and, indeed, people who avail of mental health services are held with when the Government and the HSE embark on a mission to close facilities”.

  The TD added: “The HSE continue to refer to clinical reports, but they have never listened to the families of the people who have lived in the Rosalie Unit for many years.

  “Promises were made and promises have been broken, making it difficult for the electorate to ever trust politicians.

  “The sad reality is that this Government is being propped up by an opposition party who could have pulled the plug on it.

  “But, alas, all we got at the end of the day is people coming out on the radio and in the media criticising the move – when they had the golden opportunity to take a stand.

  “The HSE has continuously pushed for the Rosalie Unit to be closed. Other facilities have also been closed or are under threat in the region.

  “Has the HSE or this Government even looked at having a stepdown facility for people who have attended an acute unit? This would provide them with the support needed to make the transition back to ‘normal’ life and improve their overall wellbeing.

  “This Government needs to review the HSE’s intentions to close the Rosalie Unit in Castlerea for the sake of its residents and their family members,” he said.