Fitzmaurice ‘not ruling out’ European run

‘Right now, I intend to sit as a member of the next Dáil’

Independent Roscommon-Galway TD Michael Fitzmaurice, who announced on Monday that he is joining new political entity/party Independent Ireland, has spoken exclusively to the Roscommon People about speculation linking him to a possible European Election run this summer.

There has been strong speculation over the past while that Fitzmaurice – one of the most high profile Independent TDs in the country – may have been planning to declare as a candidate in this year’s European Elections, in the Midlands North West constituency.

Speaking to the Roscommon People, Deputy Fitzmaurice didn’t fully scotch speculation of a European run in June: “Right now, I’m fully focused on serving my constituents and building a new party that will be fit for Government.

“The party will decide in the coming weeks who our candidates for the European Elections will be. I won’t rule out being on the ticket at this stage. But to be clear, my preference is to stay in national politics”.

Deputy Fitzmaurice, when pressed on the issue, continued: “Look, it’s very simple. When you’re a member of a party, especially a new party, you do what is required to build that party. My individual interests might have to take a back seat to the interests of the party.

“The simplest answer I can give you is that, right now, I intend to sit as a member of the next Dáil. But anyone who tells you that they know for certain what the future holds is a liar or fool”.