Fitz hits back at Murphy!


Independent TD challenges FF man to vote against Government

Independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice has expressed his disappointment with Fianna Fáil Deputy Eugene Murphy’s comments regarding the loss of jobs at the ECMI Cigar Manufacturing facility in Ballaghaderreen.

  In a long and detailed statement released to Roscommon People, Deputy Fitzmaurice slammed Deputy Murphy for what he described as “political point-scoring” and claimed that “going straight to the Minister” was not an effective solution to local problems.

  In last week’s People the Fianna Fáil TD said a proposal by Deputy Fitzmaurice to set up a task force with Enterprise Ireland and the IDA to tackle the jobs losses in Ballaghaderreen was shortsighted and would be a useless exercise. Instead, Deputy Murphy argued, a direct route should be made to Jobs Minister Mary Mitchell O’Connor.

  Now Deputy Fitzmaurice has hit back.

  “It might be valuable to point out a few things to Deputy Murphy. Firstly, I might say that I did not think he would stoop to the level of political point-scoring when 38 people have to face into the social welfare queue because they are losing their jobs. Anyone with any experience in creating jobs and employing people would not make the comments that Deputy Murphy did on this issue,” he said.

  Deputy Fitzmaurice denied stating that a task force would be a “fix-it-all” solution but was adamant that it was what the local people wanted.

  He then went on to criticise the current Government’s record on rural development, before calling on Deputy Murphy and Fianna Fáil to be more active in Dáil Éireann.

  “Fianna Fáil are simply biding their time and they will continue to abstain and vote with the Government until such time as they feel will be the most suitable time for a general election, and that is no way to run a country.

  “If the Deputy feels so strongly that that this Government has, as he says himself, buried its head in the sand in terms of regional development, then why doesn’t he stand up and be counted and vote against the Government? There are three buttons in front of the Deputy in Dáil Éireann: a red one a green one and a blue one. It is time that Fianna Fáil pressed red or green and started to actually make some decisions and not opt for the blue abstain button all the time, which is a cop-out” he concluded.