First dairy forum to address farmers’ concerns – Feighan

Fine Gael TD Frank Feighan has said that the first dairy forum hosted by the Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney marks a significant opportunity for farmers and stakeholders to discuss issues important to the dairy sector.

  “It has been a historic year for the Irish dairy sector and many farmers in Roscommon have been affected by these changes,” he said.

  “The dairy forum has been established by the Minister to focus on strategic issues for the development of Ireland’s dairy sector.

  “The abolition of the EU dairy quotas provides a great opportunity for the Irish dairy sector but it has also presented some challenges for farmers.

  “Recent price volatility due to turbulent global markets means Irish farmers are receiving a reduced farmgate price for their milk this year and this has caused difficulties.

  “However, there have recently been tentative signs that markets may be starting to stabilise due to the reduction in global production and a slow increase in demand.

  “While some price volatility is inevitable, it is important that Irish farmers and processors have the tools to help overcome these challenges.

  “The potential tools include not only EU market support measures, but also futures markets, longer term fixed price contracts, more stable supply and price arrangements and more flexible banking arrangements for farmers. 

  “The dairy forum is an opportunity for farmers, processors and other farming bodies to express their views and concerns.”