Finneran urged to ‘stand by his people’

Deputy Michael Finneran was asked to ‘stand by his people’ and to support a Dáil opposition motion seeking the retention of the Shannon-Heathrow Air Service by Cllr. Seán Beirne at Monday’s meeting of Roscommon County Council.   Cllr. Beirne, who was supported by Fine Gael and independent members of the County Council, said that the government ‘doesn’t give a God-damn’ about the West of Ireland and asked Roscommon’s Fianna Fáil TD and his government colleagues from the West of Ireland to vote with the opposition.     He was supported by Cllr. Tom Crosby who stressed the ‘vital importance’ of the Shannon-Heathrow route to tourism in the west of Ireland and also by Cllrs. John Connor and Michael McGreal.