Final reminder on Ballinlough auction

Two parcels of land in Ballinlough are to be sold by public auction in Campbell’s in Ballinlough this Friday, 13th June at 4 pm by Gerry Coffey Auctioneer. The first lot is 12 acres of prime farmland at Cloonlee. The land is in one lot and is not far from the town. The second lot is comprised of two acres at Ballinlough. The lands have been sterilised until 2018 but may have site potential thereafter, subject to planning permission. This site is sterilised from residential or commercial development, but not from agricultural development. Auctioneer Gerry Coffey is looking for further parcels of farmland to sell and have a number of interested clients. He also has further farm properties coming up for sale in coming weeks. Talk to Gerry Coffey about these parcels of land in Ballinlough. He can be reached at (094) 96 43600 or email