Final Commercial Rates deadline is September 2017


Commercial occupiers within County Roscommon are currently undergoing a rating revaluation, which means the levels of rates they currently pay will change.

  REA Seamus Carthy advises that they act on behalf of many commercial occupiers throughout Roscommon county in respect of the ongoing commercial rates revaluation and if you have not already sought advice in relation to this we recommend you do so immediately.

  Aishleen, left, of REA Seamus Carthy advised that they act on behalf of numerous clients against the Valuation Office and ongoing negotiations and discussions have transpired that reductions are expected.

  Aishleen advised that 2,076 Proposed Valuation Certificates were issued in County Roscommon and 457 repre-

sentations were made, which indicates that 22% of occupiers were unhappy. It is interesting to note that out of all the counties undergoing a revaluation Roscommon had the highest level of representations.

  Aishleen also advised that on the 15th of September 2017 Final Valuation Certificates are due to be issued. If parties are still dissatisfied with the valuation there will be 28 days whereby they can appeal to the Independent Valuation Tribunal.

As these rates will be applicable for a period of 10 years it is imperative that all occupiers ensure that they are happy with the levels payable.

  Should you have any queries in relation to your rates please contact Aishleen or Seamus at REA Seamus Carthy, Roscommon Town on 090-663 0001 or email